Day Trip Itinerary – Outside Venice

Until I arrived in Venice last September, I didn’t know much about the Veneto region. While there, on a self led cicchetti bar tour, we learned from one of the bartenders that this area of small towns is known as the home of prosecco. Since I love sparkling white wines as much as the next ex-sorority girl, it only seemed right to rent a car and explore.

TripAdvisor was our best friend that day, pointing us toward a vineyard that felt like a painting – a house the color of daffodils popped out against the nubby vines.  Inside, we found a sweet grandpa who poured us tastings and told us about the family’s long history in the town of Valdobbiadene.

Possibly the best part of the day was encountering Osteria all Terrazza. At first, it looked like it was just an overlook- a place to bring a picnic and enjoy views of the surrounding vineyards and rolling hills. We realized that across the street, a small restaurant was set up to take orders and carry them over to your seats. The menu was tiny, but all we needed was plain pasta loaded with garlic and a generous antipasti plate to fall in love with the simple, local food.


Getting there:  You’ll need a car to explore. So, I’d recommend doing this on the last day of your trip, especially if you’re flying out from the Venice airport to your next destination. Car rental prices are almost always cheapest from airports, rather than from a city. We did this as a daytrip before an evening flight back to London. When we returned the car in the late afternoon, we just had to check in and get right on our flight.

Prosecco Tastings: Try Ca’ Salina, the family winery I described above. For a more polished experience, drop in at Fasol Menin Winery. None of the wineries we visited charged us for the tastings. Consequently, we felt obligated to buy a bottle from every one.

Eat: A big plate of pasta will help soak up the prosecco before you head back to Venice. Osteria all Terrazza will offer you just that, with gorgeous views as well.  They don’t have a website, and there are no reviews in English on TripAdvisor. Driving out of town up into the hills, you’ll see it on your right, or try plugging in this address to google maps: Via San Pietro 73A, Valdobbiadene, Italia.

View of Valdobbiadene

{ stop off for the views of valdobbiadene }

Outside Ca' Salina Winery Valdobbiadene

{ striking ca’salina winery }

Osteria All Terrazza in Valdobbiadene

{ osteria all terrazza from the outside }

Views from Osteria all Terrazza

{ views from osteria all terrazza }

Town Center in Valdobbiadene

{ the small town center and bell tower }

Valdobbiadene Wineries and Vineyards

{ views from the vineyards of surrounding towns }

P.S. sorry for the long posting lag – this blogging is more time consuming than I expected! xx