about me

Hi! I’m Blythe. I’m an opinionated and organized New Englander with the memory of a steel trap, especially when it comes to my vacation memories. I grew up in Connecticut and currently live in London. My constant urge to plan trips results in research, itineraries, mapping and bargain hunting. I love that feeling of eating at a restaurant you know the locals adore, doing an activity that’s not in every guidebook, or staying in a hotel that you can’t wait to write a good review about.

{ that’s me }

about from ditch plains  levanto

The blog is named for 2 of my all time favorite places – Ditch Plains beach in Montauk, NY and Levanto, Italy a small town in the Riviera. It’s here to document my favorite everythings about traveling, along with tips about the places I’ve lived & know the best: New Orleans, Rome, London, New York City and New England.


{ that’s me, wearing a montauk hat in levanto – fitting! }

Hope you enjoy, and happy flying.

P.S. All images are my own and copyrighted – please link back to my blog if sharing. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Fantastic writing, insights and fabulous pix..it’s great that you are doing this for yourself and it will benefit many. So happy you love what you do and are doing what you love in life. Safe travels, and hope you head to California soon for a visit. You two are radiating Love and JOY!!!!! Hugs from Chico!!!

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