one year of London

Exactly one year ago today (on Labor Day in the US), we landed in London. We had left for the airport directly from Montauk the day before, in my fiance’s Lebaron convertible loaded up with our suitcases.

This year has certainly been the most eventful of our lives. We traveled like crazy – our most recent calculations are that we’ve been away on 26 different trips this year. We’ve become expert RyanAir flyers and expert Air BNB renters. We also moved in together, got a new job (me), got a new degree (him), made new friends, and got engaged.

We’ve recently decided that we are relocating again. This fall we are moving to San Francisco.  We leave London in just under 2 weeks, which is feeling way too soon for us to fit in everything on our UK bucket list. But we got off to a good start this past weekend. Highlights included a trip to Harrods for macaroons, one last visit with my family in Oxford, a friend’s Mexican themed bash, and a bike ride around Hyde park. It was crammed full of activity — as I expect every day over the next 2 weeks will be.

Lebaron departure from Montauk

{ One year ago: our labor day weekend departure, with a wills & kate wave }

Standlake at the Limes

{ this weekend at the limes – my grandparents’ house in standlake, england }

punting boats in oxford

{ punting boats in oxford }

English countryside gardens

{ bean picking in the english countryside }

Bike Riding Barclays bikes Hyde Park

{ bikes in hyde park – our sunday staple activity in london }

Harrods - the British tradition

{ outside harrods – an english shopping haven }

Ladurée in Harrods

{ pastel perfection – macaroons at ladurée }

Statues and Street Hockey in Hyde Park

{ statues and street hockey in hyde park }

Still remaining on our list – the tate, a big night out with our london crew, one final dinner at burger/lobster, and another trip to portabello road market. Anything else we can’t miss, before we go?

3 thoughts on “one year of London

  1. Hey- love all your travel stories and pictures. Kind of a dream of mine to do the same thing. Any advice for someone that is in NYC with a job that wants to travel around Europe? What kind of career move to make etc?

  2. Blythe and Cody – it’s been great having you here in the UK for a year.
    Blythe’s very English and much-travelled grandfather, Michael G-J, predicted that it would be Pierce who’d make this leap first, but here you are… hope he makes it soon..
    We all wish you guys could have stayed for more than this lightning-quick year, but you have packed a lot in very skilfully, and it’s been great to witness the fun .
    Best of all, keep up the Levanto connection for years to come !… x x Susie

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