Hi, I’m Blythe, and welcome to my blog. I’m currently living in London with my boyfriend, where I’ve made it my mission to get so many stamps on our passports that we have to order new pages.

I am starting this blog in part to help preserve all of the experiences, places, and things I’ve loved throughout our travels.

Plus, I love receiving recommendations, and felt it was time to start sharing my own. I hope it inspires you to visit some or all of them.

Boats in Morocco

{ boats in morocco }

London streets sunset

{ london streets }

Hidden beach in panama

{ a hidden beach in panama }

Vernazza houses on cliffs cinque terre

{ vernazza, the cinque terre }

sheep on the beach in wales

{ sheep on the beach, wales }

lake tahoe, california snow capped mountains

{ lake tahoe, california }

6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I’ve read the whole blog so far and can’t wait to read more. You paint beautiful word pictures and your photography is off the charts. I’m loving traveling the world with you.

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